Classmate and Guest Soiree at The ViewHouse
7101 S Clinton Street Centennial, CO 80112
Catch up with old friends and classmates and enjoy some food and fun! There will be cash bar available as well.

Family Picnic at RHS 
July 1, 2017 11am-3:30pm Free
Bring your own food and drink.
We will be doing a walkthrough at RHS, Spend time with family and reacquaint with old friends. We have also invited some of our Rangeviwe Staff and other classes to this event.
Please Come and have fun!

Suggested donation of $5/per person or your choosing would be much appreciated to help with provided activities and such.
Guest Purchased Tickets
Miranda (11) Anderson
Tracy Logan (Baker)
April Wife James Balutowski (Balutowski)
April Wife James Balutowski (Balutowski)
James Balutowski
Basil Benedict
Tara Smith (Benedict)
Krystle Berkey
Tanner Berkey
Eric Black
Julie Blanchard-Snogren
Jessica Brown
Brandie Campbell
Eric Campbell
James Castellaw
Melody Keown (Castellaw)
Calvin Caudillo
Blake (5) Coffield
Rebecca Krueger (Coffield)
Amelia Comstock
Dragon Comstock
Stephanie Marshall (Comstock)
Ainsley Congdon
Sabrina Congdon
Joe DeAngelis
Shannon Dillavou
Brian Dunn
Aniekan Ekiko
Marcy Ekiko
Jack Engleman
Tony Estes
Marcellus Child -6y (Forte)
Mark Spouse (Forte)
Micah Child -3 Y (Forte)
Tamara Mixon (Forte)
Travis Fung
Madison (7) Gomez
Robert Rebecca's Boyfriend (Gomez)
Dominic Grasso
Robby Gray
Tanya Schrimpschet (Gray)
Julio Guadamuz
Joey Gutierrez
Leslie Hanson
Amy Harris
Michael Emily's Spouse (Harrison)
David Hawkins
Heather Hawkins
Eric Holman
Heather Masten (Holman)
Kaylee Holman
Barry Kelsey
Kailani Kelsey
Theresa Higa (Kelsey)
Theresa Kelsey
Byron Knott
Jodi Van Dyke (Knott)
Kellan Knott
Raedan Knott
Danielle Manbeck-Grasso
Jeff Manhart
Bruce Mixon
Tyla Mixon
Wanda Mixon
Eric Monsma
Felicia ODonnell
Stephanie Brown (Parker)
Kelly Price (Purcell)
Ryan Purcell
Amber Alexander (Rae)
Kaleb Rae
Charles Roe
Tanaya Waldo (Roe)
Kristina Rose
Brian Schmelzer
Mike Simbre
Paul Snogren
Dave Sommer
Julie Somers (Sommer)
Jeff Stalter
Liz Vinet (Stalter)
Marica Tarver
Jessica V
Emily Van Luit
Melissa Wallis
Darius Watson
Heather Watson
Jessica Gray (Watson)
Brandi Wilks
Cory Wilks
Jordan Williams
Rob Wright
Josh Youngberg
Total 93